The members
of the kibbutz
planting the
2000 vineyard
ibbutz Sde Boker is located in the south of Israel in the Negev Desert, approximately 60 km. (36 miles) south of Beer Sheva on Highway 40. Sde Boker was established in 1952, as a member owned ranch, where sheep and horses were raised. In 1955 it became a kibbutz. Sde Boker is most widely known as the home of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion.
Today Sde Boker is still a kibbutz in the traditional sense. There are 165 members (60 families) on the kibbutz. Most of the members were born in Israel and come both from the city and other kibbutzes. There is also a small population of immigrants, new and old, from the USA, UK, Argentina and the former USSR. There is now also a growing populatiuon of seond generation members who wee born on Sde Boker.
In addition to the members we still have Nahal soldiers who do part of their national service on the kibbutz. Many members of the kibbutz came to Sde Boker when serving in the Nahal Brigade.

At one time the kibbutz was economically based on agriculture, however the trend during the past decades has been to move towards industry, due to the high cost of labor and dwindling water quotas. In order to continue in agriculture we have had to search for crops which are not labor intensive and harvested mechanically and either require little water or can use the saline water that has been found in the area. The main crop at Sde boker is the wine grapes. Olives and pistachios are also grown. The branch ofhte kibbutz is the factory "Davik" which produces packaging tapes. The second branch is the Chicken Houses. There are several small branches including the winery, tourism, and dog kennels.

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